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Skinny Fat Girl

My entrepreneur mind is messing with me again. It’s been about a month of new mommyhood and I’m loving it. But the other parts of my mind are creeping back in. I’m ready to get up and make something happen. I have 3 months of maternity leave left, and my goal is to get some …

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It’s been two weeks since I’ve been a mom. I’m still shocked! I always knew that I would have children, but it seems so weird that I actually did it. I’ve always been a “get up and go” type of girl. I’ve never really had any mandatory responsibilities other than myself, so it was nothing …

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C-Section Recovery

This c-section recovery is no joke! I feel like I’ve been run over by a train. I can’t laugh, cough, walk fast..NOTHING! Everything hurts! I can’t tell when I have to pee, and sometimes I will randomly realize I haven’t peed for several hours. I don’t have an appetite at all, and I have to force myself …

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Guess What?!?!

Baby’s here!! Unbelievable! I’m officially a mom!!! My little baby came into the world by way of an unexpected C-Section on May 12th 2016! One day after my due date!! Soooo remember I said my doctor was sending me to the hospital for an ultrasound? When I got there the baby’s heart rate was faster than …

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Too busy to have a baby

Sooooooo…my doctor is sending me to the hospital for a sonogram to check on lil baby since I haven’t dilated and my due date is now 2 days away. I love sonograms so I’m cool with it. He’s still doing somersaults in there to let me know he’s ok. I can’t wait to see his …

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