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My period is back!

My period has officially returned. Seeing it made me think of the times when I used to toy with the idea of being pregnant if my period was like two days late. Only to see blood two days later and have a pinch of disappointment. We always knew we wanted to have kids one day …

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Startle Reflex

My baby has horrible startle reflex. I actually had to invest in swaddlers because he would literally shake himself awake as soon as we put him down. How frustrating! I found that if we put him on his stomach he would not startle himself awake, but we could never leave him alone because he’s not …

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Appetite Returning

I have not had an appetite since I delivered. I get hungry maybe once a day but for the most part I can go all day without eating. My family hates it. It’s not my fault. I just don’t have the urge to eat. I force myself to eat because I need to be able …

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Zipped up my pants

Hiyooo! Today I zipped up my pants!!! I’m ecstatic! I’m officially wearing size 6  jeans and they are zipped up. #score! Now if I could just get rid of this tummy..