About Me

Hiiiii! Welcome to my blog! My name is Stefanie, I’m from Brooklyn NY, and I’m an aspiring entrepreneur.  Stef & The City, (formerly My Bump & Grind), features my cutie patootie little son (Bump), and my journey to success (Grind). I started this blog because I needed a way to hold myself accountable for my goals and dreams while I transitioned into motherhood. I also wanted to network and bond with other moms (and future moms) who are trying to navigate their lives as mothers while continuing to pursue their pre-pregnancy dreams. If you were to ask anyone to describe me, I think they would all say I’m very resourceful. I have a knack for researching and figuring things out. I just recently decided to tap into this skill by starting a consulting company called The Pretty Grind.  Although I’m still finding myself as an entrepreneur, I’m very knowledgeable about a lot of things pertaining to business, and I’ve actually owned a few over the past few years. I had a women’s clothing boutique in Brooklyn, and then I turned it into a traveling pop-up shop. I had a college fast food delivery service in Virginia, which I loved, but I don’t think I was prepared for the work it required to keep it going. Having a baby has taught me how to be disciplined, and how to nurture something you want to see grow. Looking back, I now realize that I wasn’t fully committed to my previous businesses because I wasn’t willing to sacrifice certain things to nurture their growth. I’m now focused on learning from my mistakes and using my knowledge to help myself and others. Along with all things business, I’ll also host giveaways, post about my fitness journey, and discuss how to stay stylish with a toddler and a budget. I’ll also share my favorite things and places, and give you a look at my city, (and several other cities) through my eyes. I hope you’ll subscribe to my blog and engage with myself and others as we create a space where we can vent, encourage, and get to know each other as we maneuver through this crazy thing called life. 🙂